@Cheri just a comment about “usted” (on your other post). It is used mainly in Colombia but most of Latinoamérica won’t use it either.

@adders this is hilarious 😅

@vincent I’m trying out Swisscows because… reasons… welcome back!

@tjksiazek absolutely, so you can later spend the sunny day afterwards fixing everything you broke whenever I say “ok, I think I’ll finally try what Leo recommended for note-taking the other day” I realize you just changed to another thing again 😅

@jean never had a particular interest in trains, since we didn’t have many of those back home, but since I’ve moved to Spain I must confess I have started to love them 🚊

@jeroensangers hoy es Sant Jordi? Cómo no me enteré antes y me daba un salto a Barcelona

@patbak my own 11-year old did just that today and we almost had a heart attack 🙈

@SimonWoods it is, but some brands (like BMW) support it only if you buy the extras… so of the choice of between paying a few hundred extra for Car Play support or just going with one that has it standard, the first brands will lose

@adders I’ve actually chosen new cars based on their ability to support Car Play or not

@Cheri I’m also sad about all the regular russian people who also hate war and do not agree with their government and now they suddenly don’t have access to anything and wake up every day to find they lost another part of their future

@joelhamill Madrid is a great photo subject, someone who really knows about photography should come here and give the city the credit it deserves 😀

@ohBananaJoe it will be for a few days 😀

@pimoore loving it, awesome work! 🙂 Just having a little problem with the bookshelves looking a little weird but I’ll try to find a way around that this weekend

@hjertnes I can't write in a straight line in ruled paper, can't imagine blank paper 😅

@odd I'm in the process of relocating and having to move the family from one continent to another one implied reviewing what to take with us and what to leave behind... it's incredible how much stuff we had that was either never used or only used once.

@pimoore word

@rom after deleting Whatsapp I ended up using iMessage for family/friends, Signal for work colleagues... and I have Threema but I'm the only one there 😶

@Cheri I didn't know this... can you share some examples? 😶

@chrisaldrich you can try using the iPhone camera app to OCR the text in the book and paste it into Literal, works great for me

@Cheri awesome tips, I have been trying to move in the same direction and this roadmap will be helpful

@timapple something like then maybe, although it’s still in beta I think 🤔

@verumsolum @timapple have you tried It actually has better prices (at least in Europe), has apps for iOS / Android and it’s own eReaders… and even if you still want to keep using your Kindle device there are ways to convert the books using tools like Calibre to a mobi format the Kindle will understand

@pimoore I buy my ebooks in Kobo now, but haven’t gotten around to buy the hardware reader yet. In the meantime, this has been useful: