@vincent 😅 I had to settle for Spotify as the family service because Apple Music’s selection of the music my wife likes (latin pop and music) is severely lacking. I then tried using it for podcasts as well but went back to the iOS podcasts app.

@pcora I love trains so much. I didn’t before, but after moving to Spain I discovered this wonderful world.

@warner I believe it’s under “native tracking” in the privacy tab of the configuration page, you can add Apple there. I only say “I believe” because I have so many blocks enabled I’m not really sure which one does what anymore 😅 but this makes sense

@warner yo antes escribía en inglés todo pero empecé a hacerlo deliberadamente en español para que se note que esta comunidad es internacional 🙂

@pratik a similar thing happened in Perú with “criollismo”. Being “criollo” meant finding unusual life hacks and using your creativity… but now it’s a justification for bending or breaking the rules

@vincent NextDNS is doing this for me and it’s a little weird to see the app store empty 😀 but it’s worth it

@maique it’s incredible… I’m traveling by car and it amazes me how every little town we stop along the way to rest or get a coffee has some kind of historic monument or building dating back two thousand years and an incredible story behind it

@maique I’m in love now too 😀

@benwerd I think we’re alone now… don’t really know why 😅

@Cheri the real question is: What Spanish are your subtitles on? 😅 Spain Spanish, Mexico Spanish, Central America Spanish, Argentina Spanish… if I told you how many times I’ve had trouble as an Spanish speaker in another Spanish speaking country 🙄

@vincent I’m thinking that if the repo is public then opt-in could be the default (it’s being scraped by dozens of engines all the time anyway); while if the repo is private, then, of course, you would have to opt-in in order to have it scanned…

@Cheri al igual que con algunos videojuegos antiguos 🙈

@timapple same for me… a while ago I tried toning all in on the new Edge, or Brave or Safari… but Firefox is the one that works

@chriskrycho I’ve done the same all my life 🙈

@rohdesign I love this, I’ll try to ask myself the same questions 🙂

@timapple they random fake asian girl who says she’s from London phenomenon extends way beyond whatsapp and into a lot of apps… I still can’t figure out the endgame

@Cheri just a comment about “usted” (on your other post). It is used mainly in Colombia but most of Latinoamérica won’t use it either.

@adders this is hilarious 😅

@vincent I’m trying out Swisscows because… reasons… welcome back!

@tjksiazek absolutely, so you can later spend the sunny day afterwards fixing everything you broke whenever I say “ok, I think I’ll finally try what Leo recommended for note-taking the other day” I realize you just changed to another thing again 😅

@jean never had a particular interest in trains, since we didn’t have many of those back home, but since I’ve moved to Spain I must confess I have started to love them 🚊

@jeroensangers hoy es Sant Jordi? Cómo no me enteré antes y me daba un salto a Barcelona

@patbak my own 11-year old did just that today and we almost had a heart attack 🙈