@pimoore just tried it and I’m loving it. Just a very newbie question 🙈 I seem to be missing paragraph spacing when on the home page… pages look ok when clicked through tough…

@pimoore some countries are slower than others… we didn’t have any person with the variant identified here while at the same time Japan had someone who flew over there in quarantine for the Omnicron variant 🙄

@manton book search seems to be broken for me... is it only me? I'll tru again tomorrow anyway

@pimoore well there’s a bookshelf functionality in that might just be what I need. I haven’t been able to embed it on my web page but only because I didn’t read through the help documentation so I might as well try now

@simonwoods still better than Amazon’s Goodreads, yeah?

@timapple it seems to support only English unfortunately 😞 at least I couldn’t find references to Spanish on the docs or the roadmap